Ocular centile analysis: Myopia management made easy

Inspiring confidence in clinical decision making for myopia control

Centile growth charts are an important tool in child health screening. Ocumetra introduces the concept of centile analysis to ocular growth and refraction. Easy to interpret for practitioners and already well understood by parents, this technology can easily be incorporated into routine clinical practice for myopia management.

Problems we solve

Personalised adaptive care for every myopia patient

Clinical Dilemmas

Intuitive centile charts derived from our extensive normative database provide the evidence to guide your practice...
    Early detection of pre-myopia
    Biometry-free AL estimation
    Accurate classification of myopia risk

Treatment efficacy concerns

Managing continued progression during myopia treatment is an important clinical challenge. Refractogram provides unique:

    Treatment efficacy analysis
    Myopia progression projections
    Treatment continuity guidance

Keeping patients engaged

With patient-focussed outputs, our centile charts simplify the treatment conversation at every stage of the myopia care pathway.

    Identifies at-risk patients
    Illustrates treatment efficacy
    Facilitates treatment optimisation

Clinical Trial Solutions

Clinical trials don't always provide data applicable to clinical practice. Ocumetra provides a solution:

    Extensive normative reference database
    Real world trial interpretation
    Realistic treatment expectation

Based on research, driven by innovation

Taking the guesswork out of myopia management

Refractogram is the first and only tool capable of monitoring treatment efficacy for myopia control