Our Vision for the Future

"We are excited to address the greatest public eye health challenges of our time. Together we will deliver new technologies, new therapies and new approaches that will have lasting impact for those at risk of blindness. "
Ian Flitcroft & James Loughman

About CERI


The Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI) is an ophthalmic research centre with cutting edge facilities. Our vision is to be recognised for our integrity, innovation and influence as a pioneer of inclusive and impactful research of global consequence for eye health.


Our mission is to become an international centre of excellence in blindness prevention that provides a platform for the best scientists to interact and to extend the boundaries of our knowledge.

Catalyse the development of new interdisciplinary fields of eye health research to address the needs of society and industry and to support TU Dublin’s leadership in delivering our institutional goals.
Build sustainable partnerships with leading academic, industrial and other stakeholders to exploit strategic opportunities for high-impact research.
Create maximum societal impact through research that engages society, drives policy and practice reform and addresses social and economic needs.

CERI’s focus is aligned with TU Dublin’s mission to combine the academic quality of a traditional university with career-focussed learning, discovery and the application of knowledge. Our main goal is to ensure that CERI becomes a leader in blindness prevention internationally, both in its scientific research and the application of that research to industrial competitiveness. CERI is committed to delivering TU Dublin’s strategic goal of “Being a force for research and innovation”.


Our facility

CERI is based at the Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI), TU Dublin city campus.

ESHI is a dedicated national translational research platform, uniquely based on collaboration between TU Dublin, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Dublin City Council (DCC), thereby positioning CERI to achieve maximal impact on health policy and practice.

Our infrastructure comprises two cutting edge Vision and Eye Health labs allowing us to engage in a wide array of basic, applied and clinical research. The broader facilities within ESHI allow CERI to expand its range of research to Nutrition, Health Informatics, Human Biomonitoring, Bioengineering and Technology translation.

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